MacDev Prime XTS AERIS (Gloss Red)

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For a limited time, all Prime XTS Purchases will include a free .685 insert for the SHAFT 3 Kit



A better shot

The Prime Infinity Drive uses new dual bumpers and stationary valve to ensure every shot is on point.

Made for paintball

The Prime electronics have been designed to do their job under harsh conditions. We didn’t add features you don’t need, but made sure the features you do need, always work.


Comfortable = accurate. The XTS uses an angle adjustable forgerip, soft grips and extra long spacing to ensure you have the best possible shooting platform.

All the features

Pro teams agree, there are features you need, and there are gimmicks. The Prime has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

The inifinty drive is smooth, reliable, and accessible with the pullout drive design.

Infinity Drive

The Prime is built around the Infinity Drive, which is smooth, accurate and easy to maintain.

Dual bumpers

The infinity drive uses a cushioning bumper on both ends of the marker stroke, reducing kick during the firing cycle.

Fixed valve

The infinity drive uses a fixed valve to ensure that nothing moves between shots, this gives a more consistent shot each and every time.

Proven reliability

The Infinity drive was field tested for an unprecedented 18 months, and is matured for two years in the Prime 1 model. We have tested it in all conditions, so you know you can rely on it.

Reliable, fresh electronics.

Building on the reliablitily fo the Prime 1, the Prime XTS has a new body board which routes the electronics in a neater and more streamlined way.

Wire free

MacDev gave you the first wire free frame/body connection, so it seems only natural that it has been refined even further with the new Prime wire free disconnect system.

Built for rain hail or shine

When you play paintball, you get wet. And dirty. The electronics have been built with larger components and larger space between the electronic tracks. When combined with the new close fit grips, this means the Prime electronics can handle moisture and dirt like never before.