Immortal Air Bullet

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When it comes to a reliable and top performing markers, our choice is MacDev. From the ultra premium XTS, the all new XDR electronic and mechanical marker, along with the Clone5 Infinity. These markers all run the trusted and proven Infinity Drive bolt system, which is tried and proven for competition! The Infinity Drive is already an efficient system, however, we are proud to introduce the Bullet Volume Reduction component. This Volume Reduction component kit is an easy to use upgrade kit that is intended only for Infinity Drive bolt systems! No need to change the marker settings such as dwell, it’s easy enough to where it is drop in and go**!

** A slight increase in the operating pressure at the HPR will be needed, about 10%, which is about10-15psi.

Simply remove the OEM component and replace with the Bullet included in this kit to give your favorite MacDev Infinity Drive powered marker a boost in efficiency!