The Nanomesh Jersey was born from 2 seasons of testing, modification and retesting. The result is what we think is one of the finest jerseys specifically designed for paintball.  Weighing in at just over 8oz, it’s incredibly light. Constructed of a custom warp knitted open cell mesh, it has enough ventilation to keep you cool under fire, but enough opacity to let your team design shine. It’s also not scratchy like most mesh material.  The forearms feature ballistic nylon to ensure the jersey holds up to what you need to put it through to win games. The half gloves have silicone printed palms and are made of a moisture shedding fabric to keep your grip strong whether you are holding your gun in the mud, or pulling a cold bevvy from the cooler.  The neck is a unique heat funneling design that sits in all the right ways so you don’t develop any hot spots while you are wearing it.

This jersey fits slimmer than our other jerseys, to reduce profile on a speedball field. Please consider that in your sizing.

PRICE: $110.00 USD


  • Incredibly Light, but remarkably durable
  • Ballistic nylon abrasion zones
  • Funneling Neckline
  • Half-gloves to improve grip
  • Slim fit for reduced profile

*Variations in measurements are within industry standards

ADULT   XS  S  M  XL  2XL 3XL   4XL 5XL 6XL  7XL 
 20.9  21.9  22.9  23.9  24.9  26.4  27.9  29.4  30.9  32.4  33.9
 B  27.4  27.8  28.1  28.5  29.4  30.3  31.2  32.0  33.0  33.8  34.5
 C  20.9  21.9  22.9  23.9  24.9  26.4  27.9  29.4  30.9  32.4  33.9
 E  28.8  29.4  30.0  30.6  31.2  31.8 32.4 33.0 33.6 34.2  34.8

The Ntensity Customs Process.

So you want a custom design? Awesome, we’re here to help. We’ll try and make this painless, especially if it’s your first time.

Making custom clothing is our passion and we can’t wait to put something together for you that will blow your mind. We’ve done custom designs for some of the top Pro teams as well hundreds of others.

Take a look at our custom catalog and find out which products interest you. Base pricing is listed for each product on each product page.

Send us a message through one of the links below, and let us know what you would like to order or ask any questions you might have. 


Once you are ready to to go, we'll provide you a final invoice and setup a shared folder upload your team logos and roster.      

In most cases we require vector graphics. The main difference vector and raster (picture graphics is that raster graphics are composed of pixels, while vector graphics are composted of paths. What does that mean? It means a vector graphic can be manipulated easily to the scale we need, a raster graphic can not. 

Once we have all the information / assets and have a feel for what you are looking for, we collect payment in full and start the process.
Timelines for design and production will be discussed at the time of order. "TYPICAL" times for artwork are 5-7 business days and 21 business days for production. These times are not guaranteed, but we work damn hard to meet or exceed them.

I bet I know what you are thinking….all of this artwork mumbo jumbo sounds expensive. Well, it is, kinda. Artwork for orders of less than 5 jerseys carry a $150 art and setup fee. However, if you order more than 5 jerseys, the jersey artwork is free! Notice we said jersey artwork, that means that if you send us a bunch of cruddy logos or don’t have a team logo, there could be an additional charge. That is assessed on a case by case basis and will be discussed with you prior to your order being completed.  Your free jersey artwork does NOT include a free logo.