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For the last couple of years, we've offered two joggers. The no expenses spared Evolution and the value $MD.   While we loved both of these joggers, we were looking for something more, something at a great price point that had awesome materials and styling.  We also took lots of feedback from our customers

"We love the cuffs, why don't the high-end have those"
"These joggers are awesome, if only the knees were less stiff"
"I don't have a pocket for my darts on the field"

Folks, let me introduce you to our new Hybrid Jogger, What we feel is a perfect melding of our jogger experience into what we think is something you'll totally love.  Great style, Great materials, and a price point that we feel is unmatched for the quality you get. 

Zipper Pockets
Color Matched Cuffs and Waistband
Ballistic Nylon Knees
Dual Squeegie Pockets
Back pockets for anything, including your darts.....

We made this in the full-size range to cover VIRTUALLY anyone, because, to us, you matter and your size shouldn't exclude you from something you are going to love!  

5XL Pictured below