Immortalite by Immortal Air 4500 PSI air systems

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An evolution of the proven Immortal Air Aura™ regulator used by some of the very best teams and players in the paintball world. The new Aura Ascent™ and ImmortaLITE™ carbon fiber cylinders are an extension of the soul that has powered the innovation of Immortal Air™ – a refusal to accept “good enough” as enough and a belief that better is always out there to be created, crafted and delivered to our customers.The remarkable new Aura Ascent™ from Immortal Air™ optimizes everything a serious paintball player has come to demand from a world-class compressed air system – efficiency, consistency, reliability, and sheer performance in a compact, lightweight, easily serviceable package. Dynamic seating surfaces, high pressure urethane o-rings, and a protective coating to minimize friction and prevent corrosion. Add a fixed port gas body to create a more durable, more efficient, more consistent, more reliable regulator.

Paired to various – sized ImmortaLITE™ bottles featuring truly worldwide certification and a non-limited life span*. The Immortal Air Aura Ascent™ regulator provides a noticeable difference in consistency, efficiency, and overall performance of any paintball marker to which it is attached – a truly instant upgrade!

For increased performance, for increased efficiency, for improved reliability and extended service life of the beating heart of any paintball marker setup, look to the Aura Ascent™ regulator and the ImmortaLITE™ cylinders from Immortal Air™. We’re living in the future – bring your paintball gear with you – choose Immortal Air™!

Our systems ship from Canada (or the US if you are in the US), duty and taxes already paid with a 550PSI spring pack installed. 430 and 850 PSI spring packs are also available as an add on or at the time of purchase.  If you want a different pressure, purchase the spring pack and leave a note to swap it out for you!