2023 Referral Program



Sponsorship Sucks, loyalty should be more than a saying that sells T-shirts

We get it, so many rules, there is always that one person on the team
who wants to do their own thing and lets not even get into the social
media requirements. #todeath

We took some feed back from our loyal customers and decided to try
and find a way to put money into the hands of the people who choose
our products. That’s where our referral program comes in!

Refer 1-5 new orders, Get 10% of the pre-tax and shipping price paid
to you as a thanks!

Refer 6+ orders and get 15% of each of the pre-tax and shipping price
paid to you as an even bigger thanks!

A new order isn’t a new customer. It’s the first order of new jerseys or
custom products that a group or individual places in the eligibility window.
Re-orders and subsequent orders in the eligibility window DO NOT
qualify for the referral bonus.

The referral bonus only applies on custom products UNLESS the team
orders more than 7 custom products, then you qualify for your referral
bonus on everything in that initial order. The more you can sell them on what
we offer, the more money you can make! An example of this is a team orders
7 jerseys, but they also order our stock pants and packs. You will get your
referral bonus.

In order to qualify, the person placing the order must indicate who they
were referred by BEFORE the bill is paid. No allowances will be made
for teams who forget to tell us. Make sure you follow up with your
referrals if you want to get paid! You must be a past customer to qualify to receive the referral bonus. We want people who have had a positive experience to have a way to share it! Also, a person making a referral cannot appear on that team's purchase. If you are playing for the team, that would essentially be referring yourself. 

Only retail customers are eligible for referrals. While we appreciate your
support for fields and stores, we can’t support this program for wholesale
customers. What that means is if you refer a store, they don’t qualify to get
a referral bonus, but if a store refers a retail customer, they will absolutely

We reserve the right to end this program at any time and or determine
eligibility of referrals at any point.

Questions? Email us at sales@ntensitycustoms.com or send us a message
on the Ntensity Customs Facebook Page


Jan 2, 2022 Edited.